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Name:John Henry "Doc" Holliday
Birthdate:Aug 14, 1984
Location:Dodge City, Kansas, United States of America

Full name: John Henry Holliday "Doc"
Birthday: August 14, in Griffin, Georgia.
Mother & Father's names: Alice Jane McKey & Henry Burroughs Holliday
Occupation(s): Dentist, professional gambler, Faro dealer, and sometimes "gunfighter."

Brief biography: Graduated dental school at age 20, John opened up his own dental practice in Atlanta Georgia and worked as such until he was diagnosed with TB, the same disease that killed his mother when he was 15. He moved out west after his diagnosis, with the thought that the different climate and air would slow the progression of the TB. There he made friends with the Earps and earned a reputation as a deadly shot.

[ooc: Both mun and muse are 18+ and therefore should know better. I will be playing Doc as a mixture of movie magic (Tombstone) and based on the historical novel Epitaph: A Novel of the O.K. Corral and later Doc: A Novel. For simplicity sake I think I am just going to set him in present day, maybe a 1800's version will appear of him as well. Any questions about Doc or myself please send me a message!]
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